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US-3457250-A: Process and catalyst for production of high-vinyl polybutadiene patent, US-3459744-A: V-triazole-(2)-stilbenes patent, US-3466863-A: Pneumatically operable mechanism for doffing bobbins patent, US-3471148-A: Card comparison game patent, US-3481696-A: The compound,nh3cb10h12,its derivatives,and their methods of preparation patent, US-3482549-A: Bird feeding fixture patent, US-3499638-A: Method of cooling damaged blast furnace cooling elements patent, US-3500584-A: Pneumatically operated sealing device,more particularly for tannery drums patent, US-3502825-A: Electrical slide switch patent, US-3504911-A: Vacuum powered multiple document detector patent, US-3510298-A: Process of activating photoconductive material in glass binder patent, US-3510831-A: Solder well terminal with fine wire retaining prongs patent, US-3511770-A: Method of solidifying molten pitch patent, US-3516026-A: Method and means for attenuating common mode electrical noise currents patent, US-3516515-A: Foldable step structure for campers patent, US-3517750-A: Roll-over plow structure patent, US-3524969-A: Voting machine with card punch attachment patent, US-3528791-A: Method of manufacturing nonporous vitreous building tile patent, US-3532589-A: Differentially bonded non-woven sheet patent, US-3534456-A: Punching and riveting machine patent, US-3544340-A: Cheese packaging method and apparatus patent, US-2424323-A: Roller paint-coating device patent, US-2439496-A: Flashlight patent, US-2445779-A: Electromagnetic wave direction responsive apparatus patent, US-2446415-A: Retractable undercarriage for aircraft patent, US-2448726-A: Shoulder pad filler garment hanger patent, US-2449286-A: Production of 1, 3-dihalopropylenes patent, US-2452580-A: Termination for electric power cables patent, US-2452896-A: Cement mixer patent, US-2463482-A: Separation of olefins patent, US-2466921-A: Snap clamp patent, US-2470380-A: Variable-capacity controller for compressors patent, US-2471753-A: Pump device patent, US-2472955-A: Coffee filter patent, US-2474928-A: Journal box lid patent, US-2486307-A: Ballast reactor transformer patent, US-2488597-A: Bow trigger mechanism patent, US-2489553-A: Adjustable support patent, US-2493683-A: Transformer with regulating choke coils patent, US-2498529-A: High-frequency oscillator patent, US-2501546-A: Automatic private branch exchange telephone system having transfer and night service patent, US-2503563-A: Valve operator patent, US-2503897-A: Excitation system for dynamo-electric machines patent, US-2511302-A: Musical instrument patent, US-2511903-A: chapman patent, US-2525525-A: Shock-absorbing bearing patent, US-2528155-A: Manufacture of socket pipes of asbestos-cement patent, US-2528185-A: Bracelet chain patent, US-2544469-A: Precision angle and internal taper gauge patent, US-2545388-A: Paper feeding machine patent, US-2551632-A: Hobbyhorse patent, US-2562314-A: Process for producing a 1,4,5,8-tetraminoanthraquinone dyestuff patent, US-2578114-A: Bleacher back patent, US-2585266-A: Pressure welding machine patent, US-2594058-A: Roller support for sliding doors patent, US-2596248-A: Vehicle driving chain patent, US-2596388-A: Machine for molding pies patent, US-2246471-A: Bearing seal patent, US-2598214-A: Inductor leveling switch patent, US-2599620-A: Carboxymethyl ethers patent, US-2608004-A: Popped corn dispensing apparatus patent, US-2624149-A: Fly swatter patent, US-2626530-A: Ratchet structure for ring compressors patent, US-2635152-A: Stall warning apparatus for airplanes patent, US-2638059-A: Snubbed truck patent, US-2645066-A: Combined scissor and knife sharpener patent, US-2645488-A: Paddle for disciplining children patent, US-2648341-A: Dental floss holder patent, US-2654110-A: Diaphragm closure for paste shoe polish container equipped with a dauber patent, US-2672234-A: Extrusion press patent, US-2672688-A: Shoe and foot length comparator patent, US-2677042-A: Lighting device for sewing machines patent, US-2677413-A: Sheet metal chair patent, US-2682098-A: Hacksaw patent, US-2688162-A: Pressure mechanism for the rollers of spinning and like machines patent, US-2690606-A: Method of regulating a thread separating device for separating threads from a warp patent, US-2690681-A: Multiratio change speed gear patent, US-2704655-A: stokes patent, US-2707803-A: Moulds for thermoplastic materials patent, US-2715478-A: Paint brush holder and wiper patent, US-2737790-A: Homokinetic ball joints patent, US-2741954-A: Refining paper pulp patent, US-2752305-A: Processes of electrolytic polishing of metals patent, US-2757665-A: Mechanical device used to correct human noses patent, US-2769949-A: Method and apparatus for motor speed regulation patent, US-2770250-A: Inlet valve for flush tanks patent, US-2770524-A: Production of pure sodium carbonate from wyoming trona patent, US-2781864-A: Fluid separation process patent, US-2789044-A: Method of destroying vegetation patent, US-2790972-A: Holder for expanding workpiece patent, US-2797757-A: Paraffin scraper patent, US-2808087-A: Screw driver patent, US-2818535-A: Safety control circuits for electric motors patent, US-2824555-A: Fulcrum adjuster patent, US-2825023-A: Load compensated voltage regulated power supplies patent, US-2839745-A: Appliance for ease of handling and protection of parts of a television chassis during transportation, repair, and testing of the same patent, US-2840769-A: Electromagnetic operator patent, US-2847076-A: Controllable pitch propeller patent, US-2851586-A: Pivotal headlight assembly for motor vehicles patent, US-2852754-A: Two terminal electric amplifier patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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